This Zoom class was held on February 16 2021 presented by Bint. A brief, yet very thorough introduction highlighting the key traditions and practices around Islamic magic, as listed below.

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What We Cover  

  • What is magic? Why do people practice magic?
  • How are rituals and spells different from duas and prayers?
  • A few esoteric Islamic traditions to know about - Sufism, Hermetic/Platonic, Folk magic
  • A brief breakdown of Islamic Cosmology
  • The Unseen world (الغيب Al Ghayb)
  • Jinn in the Islamic tradition
  • Angels in the Islamic tradition
  • The 7 Planetary Heavens and the Prophets who Rule Them
  • Key traditions and tools of Islamic magic used today (Magic of the Letters and Divine Names علم الحروف و الأسماء)
  • Practical Applications - How can one begin using any of this?
  • Recommended resource and reading list will be provided





Anyone who is interested or curious about topics on magic in the context of Islam. People of any and all backgrounds are welcome.


The class and by extension, anything from the Barzakh Collective, is meant to be solely informational – at best, a place of community and support. We are not here to prove that magic is halal nor that it exists. Any questions around permisibility will be ignored. To decide on the lawfulness of these matters in the context of Islam, is between you, your heart and God (SWT). We are just here to provide context, resources, and food for thought and spirit around the fact that Islam has and does still have a rich tradition and history in working with the metaphysical and Imaginal realms.  


A liminal space between worlds providing resources and information on all things 〰️magic, 〰️metaphysics, and the 〰️occult in the contexts of the Muslim diaspora. Format and focus of Barzakh offerings are currently in reconstruction mode.


To provide general information and resources on the topics of Islam + Magic. There is a lot of popular information out these days on magic and witchcraft. We felt it important to generally remind folks that there is a rich tradition of metaphysics and the occult in Islamic culture and history. We’ve found that much of the information online tends to be at best, very opinionated, and usually biased and mis-informed. While there are a number of incredibly valuable academic resources on these topics, we felt the need to bridge the gap and present some of this information in an accessible and more cohesive manner.

To provide context and resources for those from a Muslim background. The collective was also formed as a source of resources, support and community for those coming from a Muslim cultural background who might find an interest in magic and metaphysics. We have a particular soft spot for those who might feel called to an esoteric path or whom develop certain inner sensitivities, to have some resources and support and to know that they are not culturally alone. Again, Islam has a very rich tradition on some of these subjects.


Bint is an interdisciplinary artist and witch practicing a form of Islamic folk magic. She was raised conservatively Muslim to Pakistani and Egyptian parents in the US. About nine years ago, a series of mystical events led her to the doors of both the Western Mystery Tradition and a Sufi tariqa. Her occult training, practice and Islamic upbringing play a central role in her artwork and music – which she only recently has begun sharing publicly. Upon this recent sharing of her artwork, she has been surprised to see an immediate influx of burning questions and attention, indicating there to be a rising interest in the topics of Islamic and Magic, with not enough clear information available. After much prodding, she has decided to step out beyond her creative offerings, and also lend a perspective as not only a practitioner, but also one raised and trained Islamically.

As a Non-Christian, Western woman of color, she has done work with a few US Orders on improving their curriculums around areas of inclusion for other POC, queer and non-Christian folks to feel welcome in those spaces.

She occasionally writes, speaks and presents interactive workshops on subjects of her research and practice – primarily on topics of Semitic scripts and Islamic mysticism as they relate to Western occultism. Select recent lectures and workshops are listed on her website. While her current focus weighs heavier on a revival of Islamic Folk Magic practices, particularly in the West, her background as an Initiate is deeply grounded in Sufism, Western Ceremonial Magick, Hermetic Qabalah, Thelema. You could connect with Bint’s list of links here.